Digital printing

This printing manner allows quick, qualitative and relatively cheap printing of small issues, and even single units. This is very important when small issues of posters, brochures and personalised material (e.g. diplomas, greeting cards), etc. are printed. Orders of digital printing can be performed in several hours, sometimes even faster. Often, more time is spent in pasting up the product than in the actual printing process.

We use “Minolta C6000L”, one of the most modern digital devices (read more).

Offset printing

Offset printing allows an optimal-price printing, ranging from medium to very big issue, and it also allows using various (simple and decorative) types of paper and such decoration technologies as foiling, UV varnishing, gravure, etc. In order to be more economical, the offset manner can be considered for issues starting from 300 units of A4 size.


Lamination is the process of applying a film of plastic (gloss or matte) on the surface of any product. Laminate has a protective as well as decorative function. And can be used for brochures’ cover, cards and paper bags.

UV Polishing

For finishing of printed products UV polishing can be used. There can be full or partial polishing, gloss or matte. Certain parts of the product can be accentuated with partial polishing, for example logo, title ant etc.


We provide packaging, paper, cardboard punching services.


Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of decoration, lettering or pattern on paper without using dies.

Embossing is used to make the product look more luxurious and expensive.