Stickers / Labels

Quick and high-quality prints of stickers, multi-coloured, one-sided or double-sided, glued or pined, water-resistant labels and labels for fridges. We can choose paper according to your needs.

A label is an artistic and aesthetic shaping of an item which provides all the necessary information about a product: brand, title, type, manufacturer, date of expiry, etc.

Stickers are a perfect mean of product identification, distinctness, authenticity and safety.

Informational stickers provide all the information that you want your client to know: it indicates material a product is made of, terms of storing a product, and other type of information.

Stickers can be made in various sizes and forms, using digital, offset or flexographic or silk-screen printing. Materials: water-resistant PVC (for outside conditions) and shiny or matt sticky paper. A plotter allows us to cut letters and logos from a sticky sheet.